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Byzantine chant - Ο αίρων την αμαρτίαν του κόσμου.mp3

Mirror cases, which might be considered forerunners of the modern compact, were primarily destined for the aristocracy, and their subject matter reflects the activities and interests of their owners. Here, a lady and gentleman hunt with falcons,…

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Matthew Paris Hostoria Anglorum Chroica Majora Part III. Royal 14 C. vii 124v Describing/Depicting Henry III and Eleanor of Provence. Latin. double column. Created at St. Albans between 1254-1259. n.b. this folio latin, others anglo-norman.

In early Anglo-Saxon England, buckles used to fasten waist belts were a means of expressing a man’s wealth and status. The type of metal used and the fineness of decoration were key factors. This spectacular gold buckle from the Sutton Hoo ship…

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Latin, double-column

Double-Column, Latin


Henry Fitzalan, 12th earl of Arundel (b. 1512, d. 1580), magnate: inscribed with his name (f. 1).
John Lumley, 1st baron Lumley (b. c. 1533, d. 1609), collector and conspirator: inscribed with his name (f.…

This 14th century horse bit is ornately decorated and is marked with the crest of two Catalan families.
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