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Le Livre de l'inconstance de fortune, ou Consolations à Marguerite d'Anjou, reine d'Angleterre. Author listed as "George" (CHASTELLAIN)

single column vernacular

Old Roman chant - Domine audivi auditum tuum.mp3

viking coin.jpg
For Tales of Transfer

This is an astrolabe added for the section presentation, "Tales of Transfer."

Kalenda Maya -Heming og Gygri  (Norwegian middle-age music).mp3

Adir lana'akwab  (Hispano-Arabic muwashshahah, 12th century).mp3
(Hispano-Arabic muwashshahah, 12th century)

Hildegard of Bingen, Spiritus Sanctus.mp3

Anagrammatismos for Theopany Service: Feast of the Epiphany)

The crown of the Holy Roman Emperor, probably made in the 10th century by Otto I

Found in England, blade was likely made in Germany. Hilt itself may not have originated from Germany and was probably added in a later date.
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