Scandinavia and the East

Chess Piece

Chess piece. Although this ornate chess piece was created in Scandinavia during the 12th century, it was part of a long tradition of cultural influence. The game of chess, with its origins in India and South Asia, would have had to travel considerable distances before finding its way into Scandinavian daily life.  

Strap End with Inset Silver Designs

This strap end was created in the Pre-Viking, Late Iron Age period (500-700 AD) in Scandinavia. Although, functionally, the strap end served as the end of a belt, opposite the buckle, it also stood for something more: status. Perhaps most interestingly, however, the object with an Eastern-inspired "dragon" engraving represents the movement of culture throughout the world during this time period.

Scandinavia, with a Global Influence
Scandinavia and the East