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This is a Byzantine Oil Lamp that was used for religious purposes, most likely in a shrine that Christian pilgrims would visit along their travels. This is made of bronze.
This is a foot-high reliquary cross that probably held a small relic of the True Cross.

Mirror cases, which might be considered forerunners of the modern compact, were primarily destined for the aristocracy, and their subject matter reflects the activities and interests of their owners. Here, a lady and gentleman hunt with falcons,…
A guide dedicated to Chaucer's son on how to use an astrolabe written in English
It is a quartz fish that may have been used as either an amulet or a ticket for entrance to a theater.
This is a crosier that probably belong to a pastoral abbot in late 12th century England or France. The serpent on top of an abbot's staff could symbolize healing, wisdom, and Jesus. It also could be a reference to Moses' staff.

In early Anglo-Saxon England, buckles used to fasten waist belts were a means of expressing a man’s wealth and status. The type of metal used and the fineness of decoration were key factors. This spectacular gold buckle from the Sutton Hoo ship…

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This is also like a token or badge, but it is secular.
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