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Very shallow; was this decorative or for eating? images/Mortar.jpg
This looks very functional; no decoration.
It is a lead seal. On one face is an inscription of text stating Athanasius's title. The other is a picture of Virgin Mary with Christ.

Found in England, blade was likely made in Germany. Hilt itself may not have originated from Germany and was probably added in a later date.
These two panels of a diptych were created in 521 AD in Constantinople. The panels are made of ivory, and are inscribed with words as well as ornate decorations in the middle and in the four corners. The decorations in the corners depict a lion_s…
This is a silver bracelet fastened with a clasp, hinge, and pin with four griffons and four lions on each side and covered with niello decoration
This is a zoomorphic penannular brooch most likely from England or Great Britain, although the origins of the brooch are unclear. It has a dragon head on each end. This brooch was used either to hold a cloak or a kilt, if it was from Scotland. This…
Manufactured in Limoges, France - likely for trade!
This is a silver box, perhaps a reliquary, with detailed engravings of Saint Margaret on one side and Saint Catherine of Alexandria on the other; both are holding objects which tell of the way in which they were killed (both were martyrs). The box…

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