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This is also like a token or badge, but it is secular. images/Smalldish.jpg
Very shallow; was this decorative or for eating? images/Plaque.jpg
A devotional object images/Mortar.jpg
This looks very functional; no decoration.
This is a Byzantine Oil Lamp that was used for religious purposes, most likely in a shrine that Christian pilgrims would visit along their travels. This is made of bronze.
A guide dedicated to Chaucer's son on how to use an astrolabe written in English
It is a quartz fish that may have been used as either an amulet or a ticket for entrance to a theater.
This is a crosier that probably belong to a pastoral abbot in late 12th century England or France. The serpent on top of an abbot's staff could symbolize healing, wisdom, and Jesus. It also could be a reference to Moses' staff.
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