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This is an astrolabe added for the section presentation, "Tales of Transfer."
A guide dedicated to Chaucer's son on how to use an astrolabe written in English

Adir lana'akwab  (Hispano-Arabic muwashshahah, 12th century).mp3
(Hispano-Arabic muwashshahah, 12th century)
This is an amulet from the Byzantine era which depicts Teh Holy Rider as well as the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus. It was used for an apotropaic effect and was considered a mix between a religious relic and pagan magic.
This is a Romanesque architectural frieze that was likely once part of a church or cathedral in Burgundy, France. This piece is particularly interesting, as it has elements of both Romanesque and Gothic styles, and was carved during the transitional…
This is a tool used for sealing. A small disk would be sandwiched in and then hammered to imprint an image (this particular boulloterion has St. Nicholas). Seals were used to legitimize official documents.
A brass bowl from 15th century Germany with an image of St. George and the Dragon embossed on the bottom
This is a silver box, perhaps a reliquary, with detailed engravings of Saint Margaret on one side and Saint Catherine of Alexandria on the other; both are holding objects which tell of the way in which they were killed (both were martyrs). The box…
This is a silver bracelet fastened with a clasp, hinge, and pin with four griffons and four lions on each side and covered with niello decoration
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